Privacy Policy

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We at assure that the safety of security of our visitors and guests is maintained. Every time a visitor or guest lands to our page we collect certain information that helps us understand the interest of each visitor. This, in turn, helps us services specially tailored according to one’s interest. We don’t disclose any information of our visitor or guest to any third party what so ever the case may be.

Our privacy policies adhere to the safety and security of every online user. Our privacy policy defines how we tend to use the information provided by you while using our services and using our website. Our motive is to serve our clients while ensuring their privacy and security. collect data of the visitors that also include their contact details through online tools such as cookies. Users can read our privacy policy to know how we use the online data of our each visitor.

What do we gather? collects information that can be used to serve you better. Through our online tools, we try to gather the information that could help us understand our visitors and guests better. Every visitor land to our website looking for something different and unique; therefore it is our responsibility to help them find the best by collecting online data to understand their demand.

We also collect information of our visitors for our internal use. The information thus collected by our online tools is used to improve our services and make certain changes on the website to support better navigation and to make it a more user friendly. These are prime reasons behind us collected our visitors information. However, we can also use the information in the safest manner to improve customers’ experience and stay competitive in the market. No matter what, we always ensure that the privacy of our visitors is maintained in all circumstances.

Utilization of Cookies:

Almost every website use cookies for certain purposes. Our website uses cookies to ensure that all the pages of the website are in use. Cookies are primarily used for our own purpose to know the exact working of the website and ensure that the website is getting the adequate traffic. Cookies are intended to be used just for our benefit without causing any hindrance to the users’ experience. Each visitor is provided with an option to either accept or decline the cookies. No visitor is forced to accept the cookies. Cookies are also used to collect certain data of the visitors to suggest websites that might be of their interest.

The information collected by the cookies is stored in our database. In case the information is wrong or the visitors wish to make changes in their contact details then one can do so by simply leaving us an email. We have a professional team that ensures the privacy of our users and guests. To know more one can get in touch with us through email.