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Stimul8 Reviews: Sometimes when people workout they feel giddiness and tend to fall while lifting heavy weights. This ever happened to you? Well, if yes then this content will definitely help you. The reason behind this is low Stimul8energy in the body. To overcome this the product that we put forward is the Stimul8 energy booster. This is a pre-workout supplement which helps in providing required energy for a workout. The complete information of the product is provided like ingredients, working, precautions, benefits, and how to buy the product.

The reason people hit the gym is to lose some weight and get fit. Working out gives the body a good physic, energy, and stamina. But to work out there should be some amount of energy in your body first. Basically, the body has plenty of energy due to food consumption. In the case of work out maximum energy is used and the energy gets drained out for intensive work out. The body extra energy to perform the complete workout.

There are many pre-workout supplements available on the market. They work as an energy booster. Among them, one of the supplement is the Stimul8 energy booster. It is one of the best products which retain the energy for a longer time. This is designed for both men and women that stimulates your workout to the next level. The product from the customers are phenomenal. The customers are amazed by the results and are very happy with the supplement. Let’s check what actually the product is.


What Is Stimul8 And How Does It Work?

Manufactured by a well known American company named Finaflex, It is an ultimate pre-workout supplement. The formula is built for both men and women. The product helps in providing the required amount of energy for a workout. The supplement comes with 40 servings pack, each serving is 1 scoop of 6g. There are 6 intense flavors available. The company claims the energy is retained for hours and can workout more intensively. It is also a combination of potassium and calcium which helps in the growth of the muscle.

Ingredients Present In Stimul8.

The ingredients present in the Stimul8 are naturally extracted and are safe to use. The ingredients are lab tested and doesn’t show side effects. The ingredients are:

  1. Green Tea Extract – The EGCG contents in it help in harnessing the free radicals and enhance the body activity.
  2. Cocoa Seed Extract – The focus levels and the endurance during the workout are increased.
  3. Guayusa Extract – The conversion of the calories to energy and metabolism boosting is done.
  4. Increases the stimulation process.
  5. Potassium Citrate – This helps in recovering from cramps and provide a certain source of energy.
  6. Calcium Citrate – Strong bones are developed and prevent in further weakness in bones.
  7. It regulates the glucose.
  8. Bret-Alanine – This is known as CarnoSyn.


How To Use Stimul8?

Like the other pre-workout supplements, the Stimul8 is also used in the same manner. The supplement should be taken 15 or 30 minutes before workout. 1 scoop of the supplement is mixed 1 ounce of water and taken. The company recommends to first take the only ½ a scoop to check the tolerance level. This supplement should not be used more than 1 scoop a day. If done so, the powerful ingredients present in the supplement will affect the body. Precautions should be taken while using the product.

  1. Read all the ingredients before taking the product and know their effect on the body.
  2. Discuss with your doctor before using the product if you are taking any medications.
  3. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.
  4. Check the effect of the supplement on your body. Stop using if there are any side effects and consult the doctor immediately.

What Are The Benefits Of Stimul8?

There are benefits on using this product. Of course, all supplements have their own benefits. But Stimul8 energy booster have very pleasing benefits and they are:

  1. The supplement provides the potassium to the body. The potassium element is very important and rarely available in the food we eat. But the product provides enough potassium.
  2. it provides a significant amount of energy to workout and post workout.
  3. The Endurance of the body is increased while taking the product.
  4. The product contains IRISINXD. This is a concentrated form of Green Tea extract. This is available in only FineFlex products.
  5. The product provides antioxidants benefits and also improve cognitive functions and mood.


The product doesn’t have many limitations. If all the precautions are taken then there will be no limitation at all.

  1. Keep reaching out of children and underaged people are not allowed to use this product.
  2. Do not use this product 5 hours prior to bedtime.
  3. The product should not be used 8 weeks consecutively. Give a break.

Final Verdict

The supplement is very helpful for people who workout intensively. The energy is retained for longer periods. The ingredients are very safe to use with lab tested OK. The Product are very helpful to new users. The company always gets genuine feedback from their customers to improve the formula. Definitely try the product and stay fit.

How To Buy Stimul8?

The supplement is available on the official website of the Fineflex company. The made sure that all the customers get their genuine product and do not lay hand on falsely advertised ones. So only the trusted sites provide their supplements. On the other hand, the company provides a limited offer sale on their official site. Be the first to grab it.

  1. Sign up on their official website or log in if an existing customer.
  2. There are many products available from the company. From the list of products, select Stimul8 energy booster and proceed to checkout.
  3. Do not forget to read the terms and conditions before buying the product.
  4. Make the payment from the available options. A confirmation mail with tracking info is sent regarding the order.
  5. Within the promised time the product is delivered by the delivery executive.


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